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Ola serves as a portal where you can find Property for Sale and Rent In Islamabad. We let you explore all the suitable options only by scrolling on the page. We bring you everything on your screen so that it saves you time and effort, yet you select the best.

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Ola lets you all delve into the options of real estate present in the wholesome communities within the cities. We make it possible for you to have an insight into the available real estate in just one click.

Bahria Enclave

You may find your desired residences for renting/buying in Bahria Enclave. It is one of the highly facilitated and well-maintained societies in the vicinity of twin cities. At the same time, this is your place to advertise your property that exists in Bahria Enclave and get a suitable rentee/buyer.

Gulberg Green

Another posh entity Gulberg Green is also a part of our portal. We have various options for you that you can choose to live in. You can find details of the properties here and can select accordingly. We make sure you are facilitated enough while looking for a space for yourself.


One of the other societies that have made it to this versatile portal is the Defense Housing Authority located in Islamabad. DHA is a society that ensures a complete living within its premises for its residents. We put forth several options for you to buy/rent in this society. You may also add yours to get sold/rented.

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Expanding its services, ola provides multiple sizes plots to the people. We have made sure to cater to the needs of all masses. Regardless of the financial constraints of the people, we give every being an opportunity to own a piece of land and build their home. Similarly, if you are someone who is looking for a market to sell property, Ola should be your go to platform.

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Ola has also incorporated an opportunity for the ones looking for apartments. Moreover, if you are an apartment owner and you are interested in selling your property, Ola is the best place for you to find a suitable buyer. For the people looking for one, we have multiple bedrooms and varied-sized apartments. You can find exactly what you need.

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We at Ola provide you with the resource to select any commercial setup that you might be looking for. We deliver well-equipped commercial areas including retail shops, offices, cafes, and other entities where you can kick start your work. We make sure the location of the commercial arena is such that it provides you with a huge influx of people generating maximum profit for you.

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